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As DOA Nutrition, we are a company with a long history in animal husbandry. After more than forty years of animal husbandry activities, we decided to take our business to the next level with the DOA Nutrition brand in 2021 with animal feed, feed additives, vaccine, medicine, disinfectant, equipment supply and laboratory support. Today, we are proud to say that we are one of the leading companies in the sector, with a team of 20 experts working tirelessly to provide high quality products and services.

In addition to producing milk and meat in our own farms, we serve the farms that are engaged in animal husbandry activities both in our country and abroad with the companies we are partners with.

In addition, as DOA Nutrition, we deliver all facilities related to livestock such as broiler and layer breeders, commercial broiler and layer enterprises, hatchery, slaughterhouse and feed factory to our customers by establishing turn-key. We provide all kinds of nutrition, health and biosecurity services to the farms we are consulting, with the support of laboratories, in the safest and highest quality way.

We provide the same services in Türkiye to the farms in the countries we export to. Among the countries we export to, we can count Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Uganda, Kazakhstan and TRNC.

As the DOA Nutrition family, we are trying to provide all kinds of services and support to our customers with our expert staff and the world's largest companies that we are partners with.

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Mehmet Akif Ersoy Mahallesi 274. Sokak Wings Ankara B Blok N0:1B/116 Yenimahalle / ANKARA

Phone : 0312 232 71 71
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